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Due to COVID-19, all programs, events, services, support & resources will be hosted virtually to encourage physical distancing and support health recommendation at UC Merced.

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Education & Workshops

Education & Workshops

The LGBTQ+ Initiatives provides individual and group consultation, educational workshops, and training to the campus community and medical center about issues that impact LGBTQIA+ people. Together with the Campus Climate, Social Justice Initiatives, and Women’s Programs, we also provide workshops and trainings on greater diversity issues and intersections of identity.

Whether it is an employee coming out in the workplace, an incident that occurred in a particular school or department, a unit's own request to learn more about a specific topic related to diversity issues,  or a student organizations desire to learn how to affirm their LGBTQ+ members, LGBTQ+ Pride Center and LGBTQ+ Initiatives are available to meet the unique needs of your school, department or organization. We also offer more individualized consultation services to supervisors and managers. To find out more information, please click the links to the left or contact us at